The EmoPain Face and Movement Behaviour Challenge is based on the EmoPain dataset captured from chronic pain patients and healthy participants performing movement exercises. The challenge consists of three tasks to choose from: ‘Pain Intensity Estimation from Facial Expressions’, ‘Pain Level Recognition from Multimodal Movement Data’, ‘Multimodal Movement Behaviour Classification’. The challenge is an opportunity to contribute to solving the challenging problem of automatic detection of pain behaviours and pain levels during movement performance. This is fundamental to the development of technology that improves the quality and quantity of engagement in valued everyday activities for people with chronic pain by providing tailored support to the specific barriers that arise.

Competition website:

Competition start-ending dates:  October 2019 – Jan 17, 2020

Detailed competition schedule:

  • 17January 2020 – Final submission of challenge systems for evaluation
  • 24January 2020 – Paper submission deadline
  • 18 February 2020 – Decisions sent to authors
  • 21 February 2020 – Camera ready version

General Chairs: 

  • Prof Nadia Berthouze, UCL
  • Dr. Amanda Williams, UCL,
  • Dr Michel Valstar, University of Nottingham,
  • Dr Hongying Meng, Brunel University London,
  • Dr Min Aung, University of East Anglia,
  • Dr Nicholas Lane, University of Oxford.

Data Chairs: 

  • Dr Joy Egede, University of Nottingham,
  • Dr Olugbade Temitayo, UCL,
  • Wang Chongyang , UCL,
  • Siyang Song, University of Nottingham.